A lush orchard of white mulberry trees; supreme power diet of the Bombyx Mori silkworm.

Can The Amazing Spiderman® really do that?

Seemingly suspended in mid-air, closer inspection reveals the answer to the mystery: a really amazing example of real "Spiderworks". If that leaf represented the weight of a Ford Fusion™, the real spider silk attachments required to secure it in place would be no thicker than the power cord to your iPad®!

Our Vision

At EGi, we start with a Meaning: We Mean to Make a Difference…

How? We're on a mission.


"Weaving the Wisdom of Nature into the Web of Life."

That's why we show up.

We believe nature has the answers and holds the keys to unlocking many of our greatest challenges. EGi is applying a combination of established science with leading-edge technology. We're applying innovation, creativity and a humanistic 'hand' to yield amazing breakthroughs in the areas of Recombinant DNA Technology and cross-species transgenics. From the masterful mulberry leaf to cool cocoons of spider silk, that's biomimetics at it's finest!

We see the future… and we are driven by a VISION that contains:

  • A world with continually safer, healthier citizens; Naturally
  • Unimaginable (almost) bio-materials, fibers, fabrics and composites
  • Responsible Innovation Practices (our version of RIP)

The fusion of technology with the human spirit… for the betterment of society – that is the ultimate recombination. And the EGi team is on it.

Meet the Team

David Brigham, Ph.D. Founder & CEO
Putting to full use the wealth of knowledge from his previous vocations, including over 25 years of experience in the fields of entomology and molecular biology, Dr. Brigham has spent the past seven years focused on a singular goal. Founding EGi in 2006, his technological break-throughs are allowing for the transition of EGi from a development-stage bio-tech company to the world's first organization making commercialization of biomimetic spider silk (BSS) a reality. Collaborating with North Carolina State University, Dr. Brigham and his Charlotte lab and pilot facility continues to advance current BSS developments into even higher-performing fibers and fabrics.

Product Development

EGi is bio-engineering fibers and fabrics to make the world a safer, healthier place. Some of the biomimetic spider silk applications on our Web of Life include:


Ballistic/Protective applications


Performance Fabrics


Performance/Fashion Fabrics


Life Science Biomaterial applications


Musical Strings


Composite applications including Performance Ropes, Cords and Lines

Please contact EGi for more information regarding the applications of interest to you.

Contact Us

For general inquiries please contact us at info@entogenetics.com.

entogenetics, inc.
P.O. Box 473756
Charlotte, NC 28247


For all authorized laboratory visits or tours please contact David Brigham.


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Strategically located in North Carolina, with facilities in the Charlotte area and Raleigh-Durham, see why EGi is truly at the intersection of biology and technology, agriculture and textiles. Click here to see the video.